Friday, February 21, 2014


Hi Everyone,

I know its been a while since I've written. Just been so busy and I wanted to update you on what has been going on. I know I haven't been putting up any kits and I really haven't had the same amount of time as I did before. I will be starting a completely new design direction starting in July of this year. I feel like I have finally found my voice and I am working on developing some new ideas.

I am in my last year at CSUF(Cal State Fullerton) and I am happy about it. However, being in my last year has prompted me to become more involved with my community and my school. I have joined a few clubs and I just got an internship. For those of you who don't know, I am going to school to be a graphic designer and I am trying to get as much experience as possible to get ready for the real world.

I am happy to say that I just got an internship at Newport Beach Film Festival and start on Monday. However, now my schedule is super tight. Im still working at Starbucks part time, so super busy schedule till June. I appreciate all the love and support I have received from my followers! It means so much to me, thank you!

I am going to turn this blog into more of a personal/ business blog. So stay tuned....