Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Virtual Tea Party Announcement...

The virtual tea party with CEO Charlene Phillips just ended and wow what a success!! Starting tomorrow, you can create your own tea sampler!! You get 3 2oz bags(30 cups of TEA) AND get one bag at 50%! Its such a great deal!! They are adding some great teas to the sampler: 

1) Blackberry Currant Merlot-this tea can be mixed with pineapple juice and pomegranate juice to make a great iced beverage!!
2) Cucumber Watermelon Oolong: - this tastes just like cucumber water, best served chilled!! Great detox blend!!
3) Organic Lemonade Tea Punch:-this tea makes a great Arnold Palmer!! Also really good with sparkling water!! 
4) Tangerine Vanilla Bean Pu'erh: add some cream soda or vanilla flavored creamer to this blend and create a creamsicle!! So delicious!!

Again, starting tomorrow (July 9th)  these will be available in 2 oz bags!! 

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